Title None
First Appearance The Dreamstone
Gender Male
Race Dogfish
Powers Capable of hovering in air.
Location Land Of Dreams
Relations None known

Albert is the pet dog-fish of The Dream Maker and serves as a personal guard dog. He serves as a prominant protagonist in the series.

Albert's barks are provided by Richard Tate.

Background and RoleEdit

Albert originated from a dream given to a sleeping Noop, as shown in Too Hot To Handle. A fisherman who was disappointed by such a small catch. The Dream Maker was endeared by his cheerful attitude, so had him transformed into the real world, where he can have dreams of his own.


Albert is loyal and energetic, albeit very "boisterous" as the Dream Maker puts it. Though he can come off rather intimidating, he is not nearly as ferocious as he puts on and quickly takes the Noops. He is merciless towards antagonistic trespassers however. The Urpneys are terrified of him as a result.

Though sometimes clumsy and obstructive, there are times when Albert sometimes seems more perceptive and competent than the Noops, and sometimes even the Dream Maker. He sometimes has problems making them believe there is impending danger. He can't talk, but at times such as these, his expressions say it all.

Albert ironically has a fear of water, and avoids it unless dire costs come into play, preferring to "swim" in the air instead (he did swim nonchalantly in an ocean in "Urpjaws" however).


Albert is a large yellow fish with a dog like nose and mussle. He has a large back fin with orange speckles. He wears a collar with a medallion bearing his initial.

Following the second season, Albert's design was altered slightly, becoming more dog like and leaner in proportioning. The skin on his belly and mussle also gained a paler tone.

Episode FilmographyEdit

Albert appears in every episode of the series.


  • Albert became the logo for Martin Gates Productions after the show's run.