Captain Crigg
Captain crigg
Title Urpney Captain
First Appearance The Dreamstone.
Gender Male
Race Urpney
Powers Military leader.
Location Viltheed
Relations Unknown

Captain Crigg was the original leader of Zordrak's Urpneys before Sgt. Blob.

Captain Crigg is voiced by Michael Angelis, the Best Known Narrator for Thomas & Friends

Background and RoleEdit

Crigg was commander of Zordrak's forces. Along with his subordinate Blob, he was placed in charge of Operation Dreamstone. Crigg had misgivings about the plan, and consequently he fell behind schedule for Urpgor to build a whirlyped just on time. He and Blob were summoned before Zordrak to explain themselves. Because this wasn't the first time Crigg had disappointed him, Zordrak grabbed him by the nose and dropped him into the Pit of No Return, where he was eaten alive by a swarm of Fraznats. Zordrak then promoted a terrified Blob into Crigg's place.


Little is known of Crigg because he is only seen briefly. What his relationship with his second-in-command Sgt. Blob was like is unknown. However, he seems like a weak leader and a cowardly excuse-maker. He did however have the backbone to question Zordrak's judgment with regards to the Dreamstone, courage that Zordrak rewarded with swift death. Despite being doomed, Crigg nevertheless made a valiant effort to escape the Pit, showing he was at least somewhat tough for an Urpney.


Crigg was tall (for an Urpney), noticeably bigger than Blob. He had purple hair and black eyebrows. He appeared middle-aged, with a droopy face and a potbelly. Like Blob, he wore an Urpney helmet with horns in addition to a spike.

Episode FilmographyEdit

Season 1: The Dreamstone, Too Hot To Handle (Flashback).