The Dreamstone
Cover art for Issue #2.


London Edition

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The Dreamstone is a comic book series based on the television series of the same name. It was published by London Edition in 1991.


The comic consisted of strips adapted from episodes of the TV series. The first issue used screenshots, while all issues afterwards used original art by Tim Perkins. The stories consisted of:

  1.  The Dreamstone/Into Viltheed
  2.  The Daydream Bubble
  3.  Albert Is Fishnapped
  4.  The Knitted Balloon
  5.  The Shrinking Stone
  6.  The Invisible Blob

The series was short lived, lasting only six issues, though art for issues #7 and #8 had been sketched and inked before it's cancellation (The Voice Of Zordrak and Too Hot To Handle respectively).