This is a list of episodes for the television series The Dreamstone.

The Dreamstone aired between 1990 and 1995 with a total of 52 episodes. Each episode has basically the same plot - Zordrak instructs his henchmen to steal the Dreamstone, which he plans to destroy, so that nightmares will plague the sleeping world. The plan usually involves Urpgor, his right-hand man and scientist inventing some means with which the Urpneys - led by Sergeant Blob, an archetypal Sergeant Major type - crosses the Mist of Limbo (a vast Purple Mist) to get to the Land of Dreams. The plan invariably fails, the main problem being the cowardice and incompetence of the Urpneys, who often want no more than to 'go home' and get some sandwiches.

At the ending of each episode apart from The Dreamstone, Into Viltheed, Zarag, The Dream Beam Invasion and The Stowaways, who were done by the Dream Maker, Zordrak and Nug. Frizz, one of the three main Urpney characters, delivers the final lines in a total of 47 Episodes.

Series 1 (1990)Edit

# Episode Name Description Frizz's last words
1 (Opening Special) The Dreamstone After the execution of Captain Crigg by Zordrak, he appointed Sgt Blob to be in charge of Operation Dreamstone. Meanwhile, Rufus was fired from Wacks Wicks Works for daydreaming, and had eventually ran out of job ideas. His friend, Amberley, suggested that he should be a Dream Maker, in which he was hired and shown around by the Dream Maker, he even showed him the Dreamstone as a secret, and was promised not to tell anyone. Meanwhile in Viltheed, Sgt Blob hired Frizz and Nug for Operation Dreamstone, and they got onto the Whirleyped, they set off through the Mist of Limbo to steal the Dreamstone. Whilst the Dream Maker was having a nap, Rufus washed the Dream Bottles until Amberley appeared to see how he was getting on. Rufus tried to impress Amberley by showing her the Dreamstone, only for it to be stolen by the Urpneys, along with Amberley when trying to get back the Dreamstone. The Dream Maker - 'Well, well we haven't got a moment to lose so, If you think you have the strength and the courage, then I will tell you how to get to the Land of Nightmares!'
2 (Opening Special) Into Viltheed (aka The Dreamstone part 2) Rufus resolves to redeem himself by getting the Dreamstone back from Zordrak, and to rescue Amberley, who had now been turned to stone. Rufus met Pildit and spend the night with the Watts, only for him to be awoken by Pildit, chasing away an argoribble. Pildit then gave Rufus a leaf for them to fly through the Mist of Limbo to get to Viltheed, but on the way, they had to comfront the Urpneys in their Whirleyped, sent by Zordrak, and armed with the Egg of Death. After losing the Whirleyped in a canyon, Pildit and Rufus were then buried in a landslide created by Zordrak's fury, who then started to celebrate, along with the Urpneys to Rufus and Pildit's defeat. Rufus, who had survived, managed to brake Amberley's spell by tears of love, and managed to retrieve the Dreamstone from the Frazznats. As the Noops were being chased by the Urpneys, they were then saved in a nick of time by Pildit, who had also survived the landslide. The Noops then escaped with Pildit and returned back to the Dream Maker's house as heroes, whilst Zordrak plots on how to get the Dreamstone back. Zordrak - 'Dream Maker, Beware! The Force of Nightmares Never Sleeps, I WILL HAVE THE DREAMSTONE!!?'
3 The Knitted Balloon The Urpneys were busy knitting for Urpgor's latest invention, 'The Knitted Balloon.' Meanwhile in the Land of Dreams, Amberley was overworked and was tired out, so Rufus and the Dream Maker decided to let her sleep in the Dream Maker's napping chair. Zordrak meanwhile decides to leave his body as a mist and travels to the Land of Dreams himself. There, he would possess the body of a sleeping Noop, and let him steal the Dreamstone for Sgt Blob and the Urpneys to collect. Sgt Blob and the Urpneys followed and waited outside the tower, whilst Zordrak possessed Amberley to steals the Dreamstone for. Rufus and Albert manage to take down the balloon, causing it to crash and the Urpneys to run and hide in the town. After the Urpneys crashed into each other, Rufus got the Dreamstone back and shone it at Zordrak, causing him to fly back to Viltheed. Meanwhile, Urpgor realises that, should Zordrak fail to return in time, his body will crumble and he would be in charge; an idea he loves. However, his dream was short lived when Zordrak returned to his body in time. All night in the Land of Dreams meanwhile, Sgt Blob and his men were knitting up a new balloon for them to fly back to Viltheed. 'Couldn't we just buy a balloon, Sarge?'
4 The Invisible Blob Urpgor invents a potion to turn the Urpneys invisible, so they can enter the Dream Maker's house undetected and steal the Dreamstone. However, when they put the potion on the Dreamstone, Albert and the Noops could see the potion on them wearing off. The Urpneys fell over outside and have lost the Dreamstone, ending up returning to Viltheed before capture. Albert with his nose found the Dreamstone, but as the spell wore off, everyone can see it. 'I wish Urpgor would disa...!'
5 The Voice Of Zordrak Urpgor had invented a keyring Zordrak with a hypnotising voice inside of it, in which he tested on the Urpneys and made them when they snap out of the trance, hit their noses whenever everyone says 'Obey!' The Urpneys managed to hypnotise Rufus and made him steal the Dreamstone and was taken back to Viltheed. This time it is Amberley's turn on saving Rufus with the help of Pildit. 'I still don't get this sarge?'
6 Albert Is Fishnapped Having decided that the Dream Maker's watch dogfish Albert is the main reason their attempts to steal the Dreamstone fail, Zordrak has Blob, Frizz and Nug capture him during a festival in the Noop village. It was a festival to celebrate the eclipse, and Wildit, Pildit's grandmother came to help. Meanwhile, with the eclipse causing an eternal night in the Land of Dreams, all the sunlight engulfs the Land of Nightmares, making the ground lush and verdant. This episode features the singing voices of Joe Brown and Gary Glitter performing "The Vile Brothers Mountain Band". 'I could have been a star, I know I could!'
7 The Shrinking Stone Urpgor invents a 'shrink-ray' powered by an oar called a Shrinking Stone, in which can shrinks the Urpneys so they can sneak into the Dreammaker's house, shrink the Dreamstone and escape without being noticed. However, after being chased by a hungry bird, thrown into a Dream Bottle, and been played about as Chess ornaments. They were soon found out, and from being Albert Food, they gave the Dreamstone back. 'Very funny Urpgor, very funny!!'
8 Blob's Incredible Plan Blob, Frizz and Nug steal Urpgor's latest invention, the Molemobile, and travel to the Land of Dreams, in an effort to steal the Dreamstone and win Zordrak's favour over the hated Urpgor. After hearing about this, Rufus creates a fake Dreamstone to fool the Urpneys, and fool them even more with different worlds created by the Dream Maker's imagination in the walls of the house. Afterward, they allowed them to escape with the fake and was given to Zordrak, in which realised immediately that they have failed again. 'Any more good ideas, Sarge?'
9 Too Hot To Handle Urpgor invents some exploding candles which the Urpneys switch the real Dreammaker's candles for when they took over Mr Wacks candle shop. Amberly managed to see through Blob's disguise and tied her up with Mr Wacks. Only when Frizz gave the candles in to the Dream Maker disguised as Amberley, and when the Urpneys were waiting for the right time. Frizz pointed out that Wildit and Rufus had rescued Mr Wacks and Amberley, and were on their way back. As the candles exploded, it distract the Dream Maker as the Urpneys went and steal the Dreamstone whilst the Argorribles attacked. Only when the Urpneys crashed into Mr Blossom, the Argorribles ran away and the Urpneys turned nice by the dream beams. This Episode is notorious on having a lot of flashbacks and origins, such as how Frizz got his injuries in the beginning, where Albert originated from, how Wildit taught Pildit how to fly a leaf, and the end of the Dream Maker's very first Dreambubble Pump. It also has a flashback on Rufus' experience in Wacks Wix Works from the first episode The Dreamstone.' 'I said it wouldn't work!'
10 The Daydream Bubble As a reward for their hard work, the Dreammaker sends Rufus and Amberley into a daydream bubble, where anything they imagine can actually happen. Meanwhile, fed up with their incompetence, Urpgor punishes Blob, Frizz and Nug by firing them from a large cannon. The Urpneys land in the bubble and are carried wherever the Noops' imagination takes them, which the scenes had similarity to Rufus' dream in the beginning of the first episode The Dreamstone. The Urpneys tried to capture the Noops, only to be blasted back to Viltheed and onto a very disappointed Urpgor. This episode is also notable for showing the origin of Zordrak. 'As you know, Sarge, I'm not a sentimental sort of Urpney, but, there's no place like Viltheed.'
11 The Statue Collection Zordrak decides he wants to add Pildit, the leader of the Wuts, to his statue collection, and sends the Urpneys to capture him with 'The Hand of Zordrak' Urpgor had invented. Albert meanwhile ran away by being afraid of water when going to have a bath, they then saw Pildit been captured by the Urpneys. They then crashed into the sea of destruction by Rufus and Amberley and Albert, in which got in trouble with a hungry Cyclopse Monster. Albert (Despite not liking water) distracted the monster while they save Pildit. Albert then catapulted the monster from an old machine into Viltheed, in which Zordrak decides that its more valuable than Pildit, he turned it to stone and put it in his collection. 'I do like a happy ending!'
12 Argorrible Attack Urpgor invented a machine to store Argorribles, and Zordrak had the Urpneys to take them to the Land of Dreams and unleash them before the Dreamstone can be used against them. After the attack, in which they were too late to defend, Rufus and Amberley decided to fight back the same way as the Urpneys did, in which failed to them, but succeeded when Pildit and Wildit joined in. 'I'll tell you one thing, I'm not cleaning up all this mess, I'm just not!'
13 Megattack Zordrak unleashes the full force of his Urpney hordes and Argorribles on the Land of Dreams in an attempt to destroy the Dream Stone. Sgt Blob and the Urpneys went ahead to try and steal the Dreamstone, and tried a ransom that ended in fighting. Urpgor converts Zordrak's throne into a flying machine so that Zordrak can also travel to the Land of Dreams, but when challenging against the Dream Maker, he was fought by the Planet Dreamstone, in which with the help of Rufus and Amberley by unplugging the power supply, sent Zordrak into space. This episode features the singing voices of Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Bruno, and Billy Connolly performing "The War Song Of The Urpneys". 'I wish someone was here, I wouldn't even mind if it was... Urpgor!'

Series 2 (1992)Edit

# Episode Name Description Frizz's last words
14 The Nightmare Stone Zordrak returns with an evil and powerful opposite to The Dreamstone, The Nightmare Stone, and Rufus and Amberley had to go into Viltheed to steal it for The Dream Maker to send it into space from where it came from. 'That Zordrak's got such a temper!'
15 Zarag Nug accidentally opened a bottle, releasing Zordrak's Sister Zarag, who was shut up for five hundred years for disagreeing with him. She stole the Dreamstone to wear in her hair for grand occasions. A ball is on the way, but came a competition for both sides. The Dream Maker - 'I just followed as a kind of backup really, in case you didn't managed to get the Dreamstone. And I always did enjoyed dancing!'
16 Urpgor's Island Urpgor ran out of ideas, but thanks to his mobile mudbath and his recently made Boomerang, he came up with an Urpney made island to hide the Dreamstone on, making it hard to find for the Noops when they go to Viltheed, but even harder to find for Sgt Blob. 'Are you quite sure about this sarge!?'
17 RoboBird Urpgor invented a RoboBird with a beautiful song to be used as an ingredient for Dreams, from their it would snatch the Dreamstone. But first, it hypnotized Frizz and Nug, and when it stole the Dreamstone, it started to disobey Urpgor and thinks that the Dreamstone is an egg. Only when Urpgor built a female Robobird, the Noops managed to rescue the Dreamstone before Urpgor can steal it. 'I'm never allowed to fulfill my true potential!'
18 The Dark Side The Dream Maker had to take the Dreamstone to the Planet Dreamstone for recharge, and Rufus and Amberley came along with him. The Urpneys were waiting for them at the Asteroid belt, but had missed. They successfully captured them on their way back, but then caused everyone to crash on the Dark Side. 'Come on Nug, let's have another glass of Gunge.'
19 Albert's Ailment Urpgor invented a teleporter to steal the Dreamstone in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile, Albert strangely became ill, and it is now a race against time to find a cure, and the only one to be found is in Viltheed itself. Albert soon got well after Wildit found the mushroom in a pit full of monsters, just in time to save the Dreamstone from being crushed in the pulverizer. 'You're right, Nug. We're just the victims of circumstance!'
20 The Monster Blob, Frizz and Nug accidentally activated an old invention of Urpgors that then turned into a giant robot, It is completely disobedient until Blob inserted an obedience program in its nose. Blob and the urpneys used it to steal the Dreamstone in the 'Land of Dreams.' It started to obey Amberley's kindness when she had the microphone last, in which it gave back the Dreamstone, took the Urpneys back to Viltheed and then switched itself off. 'There's one fool who doesn't!'
21 Spildit Pildit's Niece Spildit had come to visit, and the Noops took her and the Dreamstone for a Wut picnic, meanwhile, Zordrak decides to leave his body as a mist and travels to the Planet of Doom to recharge his powers, but on his way back, he took a shortcut through a whirlpool of time that then changed the error of his ways, so when the Urpneys had stolen the Dreamstone after Spildit went to the Isle of Catastrophy, only for Blob to be stolen by Urpgor. Zordrak tells them to return it with apologies and flowers. However, as the effect wore off, Zordrak was furious when the Urpneys said that they have returned the Dreamstone. 'I told you it wouldn't last!'
22 Wildit's Whistle Zordrak needed a plan to keep the Wuts earthbound, and the solution is some hatched bugs that specialises on Wut Leaves, The Noops and Wut's managed to keep them at bay by Wildit's Whistle that can charm both leaves and animals, and also brought the bugs mother, in which it took them to the dark side to find proper food. 'Well, if you ask me...but then, nobody ever does!'
23 Sport's Day The Noops were having a Sports Day, with a cake in the shape of the Dreamstone as a prize. Suddenly, the cake was squashed by Rufus' daydream, and made Rufus take the Dreamstone out for display. The Urpneys had borrowed a Wut leaf and disguised themselves as Wuts to try and steal the Dreamstone, but thanks to Spildit, she swapped it for the cake Dreamstone!] 'Some people are never satisfied!'
24 Frozen Assets Snow has fallen. Urpgor invents a Snow Plowing Machine in order for Blob, Frizz and Nug to get through the snow. Whalst the Noops were celebrating a Winter Celebration, the Urpneys stole Albert after swallowing the Dreamstone in act of protection. Amberley went after the Urpneys whalst Spildit warned the others. 'Ready for the next wonderful adventure!'
25 Bottle Harvest The Dream Maker's bottles had became worn and broken, so he, Rufus and Amberley had to get new ones. Meanwhile, Urpgor invented a 'Mekbeav,' a Mechanical Beaver (Which has a crush for Sgt Blob) to cut down the Dreambottle Forest and Dam up the rivers to stop the Dreambottle trees from growing. Whilst Frizz and Nug would steal the Dreamstone while the Watts inspect the problem. The Dreamstone was kept safe with the Dream Maker, but the urpneys didn't know as they thought it was taken by someone else. 'Well it's a nice change isn't it, a happy ending!'
26 Return Of The Nightmare Stone Zordrak and The Dreammaker had discovered The Nightmare Stone on a red planet, and Urpgor helped out in word that he would not be kicked out as in (The Nightmare Stone). He disguised Blob, Frizz and Nug as the birds who guard the stone. They managed to get the stone before Rufus and Amberley could, and when the stone was given to Zordrak, he went back on his word to Urpgor and kicked him out again. Urpgor decided to launch the tower where the stone is to outer space, but was with the Noops when it took off, sending Blob, Frizz, Nug and the birds into orbit. Rufus, Amberley and Urpgor were thrown into the dungeons, and Urpgor suggested that Rufus should drop the stone into the pit of storms, which sent all of Viltheed sky high inside a huge whirlwind. Rufus and Amberley were rescued and taken back to the Dreammaker with the good news! 'This is it, this is the end!!'

Series 3 (1994)Edit

# Episode Name Description Frizz's last words
27 The Return After deciding that the Dreammaker is responsible for the previous episode's damage, Zordrak, the Argorribles and the Urpneys went back to Viltheed to rebuild and take revenge. Urpgor on the other hand had kept the Nightmare Stone to himself by hiding it and drawing a map, only for it to be screwed up and thrown into Urpgor's mouth by Zordrak for thinking that it was a plan for getting the Dreamstone. Blob, Frizz and Nug were accidentally catapulted to the Land of Dreams where they were brought back to Viltheed by Spildit, but the Noops thought the Urpneys had kidnapped her. 'Well I suppose, in a silver way it's quite nice to be back!'
28 Electric Eggs A pull beam had run out of power. The Urpneys went to find a Battery Fish and its Electric eggs on the isle of catastrophe. Meanwhile, Rufus, Amberley, Spildit and Albert were sent to the island for a Rainbow. Spildit and Albert helped the Battery Fish by making fake eggs that are stones. 'And after all we've suffered, no gratitude some people!'
29 The Moon of Doom The Urpneys are sent to orbit to get the Moon of Doom, but after capturing the Noops (who were trying to put it in a Dreambubble), the Urpneys were pulled into the bubble thanks to the Dreammaker's magic. The Dreammaker and Pildit used another bubble to put the Moon of Doom in, and dropped off the Urpneys in Viltheed. 'You'll be so jealous when you hear, we've had such a lovely time!'
30 Zarag Rules Zarag had created Obedience Drops to make servants from Noops. The Urpneys had forgotten a Widget (Key) for the sling and ended up trying to find Urpgor. Meanwhile, as Urpgor was following Blob, he crashed and was hired and fired by Zarag for trying to make her home bigger. The spell was broken by loud noises from the Urpney's failed attempts on stealing the Dreamstone. 'Personally, I'll be pleased to get home. Viltheed's so quiet and peaceful!'
31 The Dream Beam Invasion Urpgor had created a Shrinking machine, hidden inside a cloud, with a funnel on top for shrinking Urpneys. Thus reduced, they enter the dream beams so that they can spoil the Noops' dreams. After one successful night of sabotage, the Dreammaker and the others managed to put a stop to the invasion on the second night, but Frizz and Nug still managed to spoil one dream. Rufus, Amberley and Albert tried to get them out, but the urpneys started to grow and were forced to retreat. But the dream was used up, and eventually burst with the Urpneys in their normal size, over a river. Frizz -'Nug, guess what!?'

Nug -'Yeah?'

32 Urpgor's Auntie Urpgor needs Time Crystals to power his Time Machine, so he can go back in time and steal the Dreamstone. His auntie, who lives on the planet Tempus Fugit, supplies these. But the planet is riddled with booby traps (set by Auntie), and the Urpneys just manage to escape with their lives! However, the Time Crystals were sabotaged by Rufus and Amberley, making the Time Machine blow up. 'Probably Auntie!'
33 Wottles The Urpneys tried to use a MoleMobile car to cut the roots of the Dreambottle trees, but were afraid of the "vicious" Wottles. The Wottles turned out to be friendly creatures, and helped Rufus and Amberley chase off the Urpneys. 'The Wottles!'
34 The Mirror Urpgor had built a robot to steal the Dreamstone by itself, but unbeknownst to him, Blob and his men got trapped inside as it went to the Land of Dreams. Meanwhile, the Noops managed to fix the Sun Mirror by going to a dangerous Mirror Lake. Blob and his men short-circuited the robot in an attempt to escape, so it never got the Dreamstone! 'In future Urpgor, you can do your own dusting!'
35 Spildit's Birthday A Mech Fish was built by Urpgor to look like Albert, they disguise themselves as bushes to capture Albert, but were soon discovered by Amberley and Spildit, who then decided to have some fun by tricking the Urpneys and rescuing the Dreamstone. 'Nug, I've got a terrible sinking feeling!'
36 A Day Out Rufus and Amberley decided to go hiking and skiing on a mountain. Meanwhile, Urpgor had built a reflector to be placed on the mountains to learn the goings-on in the land of Dreams. When the Noops accidentally crashed into the reflector, the Urpneys discovered that they had the Dreamstone (which Spildit had accidentally packed!) and went back to Viltheed with orders from Zordrak to have three Whirlypeds follow the Argorribles into the Land of Dreams. When the Noops went to Viltheed to get the Dreamstone back, they overheard Zordrak saying that he wants to be 'Lord of the Universe.' The Noops got the Dreamstone back, made the Whirleypeds crash and scared the Argorribles away! 'Serves them right!'
37 Urpgor's Great Adventure Zordrak says that if Blobs irritated Urpgor so much, Urpgor should go and get the Dreamstone himself. He did and kidnapped Albert and stole the Dreamstone, but was foiled by the Noops when in a Wut leaf race, who then rescued Albert and the Dreamstone. Blob stole the Dreamstone when the old rocket they were in to find Urpgor crashed and exploded. Blob and the men attacked Urpgor, thinking that he is a Noop behind the bushes, and Albert rescued the Dreamstone. 'And once more, we could have been doing culture, we could have been doing all that...lovely singing!'
38 The Neemod An old uncontrolable creation of Zordrak's that he buried, burst through the crystal quarry walls and headed towards the Dreamstone. Using a sunshine bubble, Rufus and Amberley managed to drive it back to Viltheed. As they arrived, they destroyed it by giving it the sunshine bubble, which was too much power for the Neemod to handle. 'Poor old Nug!'
39 Mr Blossom's Present A keen gardener decided to give Mr Blossom a present for his birthday, but it was spoilt when the Urpneys decided to put Frizz in the box instead, so that he would get the Dreamstone. However, the present turned out to be a seed that (in Viltheed's atmosphere) grew into a Giant Venus Flytrap that covered all of Viltheed. 'Well, every cloud has a silver lining!'

Series 4 (1995)Edit

# Episode Name Description Frizz's last words
40 Auntie Again Urpgor had invented a flying blimp drilling machine, in which can drill a hole through the roof of the Dreammaker's house and stole the Dreamstone. In a chase, it came to Tempus Fugit again, and caught Urpgor's Auntie along the way by accident with the drill. When she was introduced by Sgt blob and his men again, he then showed her The Dreamstone, in which she said that she would place it inside her purple servant for safe keeping. The Noops on the other hand were unfortunate when they landed, they fell into one of Urpgor Auntie's traps but thankfully managed to escape before being Scorpion chow! Urpgor's Auntie teamed up with Urpgor and came back to Tempus Fugit, with her wanting to be ruler, but with Urpgor protesting and taking The Dreamstone off her. Urpgor fell into the Scorpion trap and The Dreamstone fell back into Sgt Blob's hands again. Rufus then used the dream recipe book (in which they were suppose to deliver to a colleague on Junious) to hit the Urpneys with dreams, with Sgt Blob thinking that The Dreamstone is a butterfly, he let it flew into the hands of the Noops. 'Well now, there's a thing!'
41 The Substitute The Urpneys tricked the Dreammaker into going to Junious for an emergency, and said that a substitute is on its way. After a negotiation about stealing the Dreamstone, Zarag agreed to be the substitute, with a hood over her face. She polluted the Dream bottles with Argorribles so that she can give everyone nightmares, and decided to steal the Dreamstone for herself. When she revealed herself to the Noops and steal The Dreamstone, she ran back to her home with Sgt Blob in hot pursuit (without realising that what she had is an empty container) 'Perhaps not! Why don't we play Eye-Spy? We've got loads of time!'
42 The Stowaways Urpgor came up with an idea of paintgunning the Dreammaker's windows in order to unleash the Argorribles from a tank. The Wottles who were having a walk, hid inside the Whirleyped when chased by Blob, causing Rufus and Amberley to go to Viltheed to find them. They got back by stealing the Whirleyped that landed on the Isle of Catastrophe for maintenance. Nug - 'What's that you were saying abou...!'
43 Trouble with the Miners A big freeze hit Viltheed, and the boiler stopped working. The only way to make it work was to go to the Fire Rock mines. Meanwhile, Rufus and Amberley had to get some Grow Rock for poor Mr Blossom's plant. However, they were blown into the Fire Rock mines and had managed to swap the Urpney's Fire Rock for their Grow Rock (to slow the Dreamstone stealing planning with no heat for the boilers!). The Noops escaped on Urpgor's Hoverbike after Urpgor crashed when trying to find Blob. Mr Blossom accidentally used the Fire Rock on the plant and took off and exploded like a firework, making him very puzzled! Whilst in Viltheed, a flower bloomed inside the boiler, he blamed Blob and his men, but as they left, Urpgor had his tail caught in the doors. 'Compared to those miners, I think he's quite sweet!'
44 The Basilic A comet passed by the isle of catastrophy, awakening a Basilisc that has the power to turn anyone stiff as stone, the Urpneys used it as a weapon for the Dreammaker, but he was prepared with a mirror! 'Whoopse!!'
45 Dreambubble Mixture As Zordrak went through a two week nap, The Urpneys took a bus to the swamps, whilst Urpgor plans a great idea on stealing the Dreamstone. The Dreammaker told Rufus and Amberley to go along the underground supply canal to get more Dreambubble Mixture, supplied by Mrs Blossom. It soon turned into a rollercoaster ride for poor Blob and his men. 'Well, it sounds like this afternoon's going to be a long round of uninterrupted pleasure!'
46 Little Urpip Urpgor's Niece came to visit, but was proven to be a nuisance. Meanwhile, Rufus and Amberley were bored and decided to help Mr Blossom by driving his Lawn Mower. But when getting off after Mr Blossum topple over when trying to stop them, Amberley accidentally stepped on Mr Blossom's glasses and had to get new ones. Urpgor meanwhile gave his Niece a Noop costume and managed to steal the Dreamstone, but was spoilt when Blob and the Urpneys arrested her, and the Noop costume caused Rufus and Amberley to go to the rescue! This episode has a flashback on Rufus' experience in Wacks Wix Works from the first episode The Dreamstone' as Rufus and Amberley borrowed the trays as grass tobogens while the Opticians fix up Mr Blossom's glasses. But near the end of the episode, Amberley ended up accidentally stepping on it again after crashing into Mr Blossom with them on. 'She's a real chip off the old block isn't she? Little Urpip!'
47 Horrible Argorrible Zordrak creates a solid Argorrible that he grew and sent to the land of dreams, destroying the Dreammaker's house to try and find the Dreamstone. Urpgor and the Urpneys try and stop the Argorrible from replacing them. 'Now all you've got to do is to decide how are you going to explain this to Zordrak!'
48 Hod An Urpney rocket lands on top of a huge spaceship belonging to a travelling Noop Dreammaker called Hod. Rufus and Amberley had to help with his problems. 'Well, at least we didn't get turned into frogs.'
49 The Jolly Bird Urpgor needs a mineral to power his spaceship for an invasion of the land of Dreams, and sends Blob on a quest, as does Rufus and Amberley for The Jolly Bird's feather to cheer up poor Spildit, after her winning prize was smashed. It turned out that the two elements were connected with each other as the mineral is the jolly Bird's nest. The Urpneys managed to get a sample of the mineral, but was found that it had a huge limited powerlife! 'I just thought you might want to know that, Urpgor!'
50 Planet Prunus Rufus and Amberley had to go to Planet Prunus to get a new Daisyapple tree for the Dreammaker, but were also followed by Urpneys, thinking that they have the Dreamstone. 'Isn't that pretty, I think that's really really pretty!'
51 The Spidermobile Urpgor invents a superweapon that can shoot webs, this machine manages to get by Wuts and Noops and manages to steal The Dreamstone. What a struggle it must have been to stop Zordrak from going to the Planet of Doom. 'Urpgor certainly knows how to make a splash!'
52 Urpjaws Urpgor had invented a device for Zordrak to see into another's mind, in which then gave Urpgor the opitunity to test out his new SharkMobile. He sent Sgt Blob, Frizz and Nug to go and suck up the Noops at the regatta in order to prevent them from stealing the Dreamstone. On their way threw the Sea of Distruction, they were chased by an angry Octopus for trespassing near its magic sand, but has given Rufus and Amberley the chance on getting the magic sand in order to save the Planet Dreamstone from its wounds caused by a meteorite shower. Sgt Blob and his men returned successfully with The Dreamstone, and Zordrak send his Argorribles to the Land of Dreams, but then turned to rage when he realised that The Dreamstone was only made by The Dreammaker's imagination. Rufus and Amberly had gone to the Planet Dreamstone also to recharge The Dreamstone, in which when they came back, The Dreammaker used it to scare away the Argorribles. Back in Viltheed, Zordrak attempt to try and get into The Dreammaker's mind with the mind reading device, as he had almost succeeded, but as he tried, Urpgor accidentally got caught in its charge and ended up him reading Urpgor's mind instead. Zordrak shouted to Urpgor to get the device working again, with him saying an End-Of-Series line of "I can't sit here waiting forever!" 'I wonder, if that Noop ever got his regatta timetable sorted out?'