Fraznats Are creatures that Zordrak keeps as pets in the Pit of No Return.


The Fraznats resembles Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes for their yellow and black skin. They have one red eye, ferocious teeth, forelimbs with mouths on each, and a barb on the end of their tails.

The Fraznats usually serve as a form of execution for the Urpneys in early episodes, with Zordrak feeding them to the pit as punishment for disobedience or failure, with one example of being Captain Crigg. Oddly enough Fraznats can also be fed on a diet of candied sweets, as shown in The Invisible Blob.


Season 1: The Dreamstone, Into Viltheed, The Invisible Blob, Albert Is Fishnapped, Blob's Incredible Plan, Too Hot To Handle (Flashback), Argorrible Attack.

Season 2: Spildit (Not Seen)


  • In the 2012 TMNT series, Karai mutates into a serpant snake that looks almost similar in design to the Fraznats.