Hod is a travelling Noop Dreammaker who lives in a spaceship.


Hod is a stout green furred Noop. He has a somewhat meek disposition, prone to apologizing a lot. He lives in a large space station, which he also uses to suck up leftover remains of dreams, in order to create his own through a closet that he sleeps in.

Hod's way of life was disturbed when one of the Urpneys' rockets crash landed onto his space station, leading it to malfunction and slowly hover down into the Land of Dreams. The Noops travel to the ship out of curiosity, where they meet Hod and are shown his dream making process. They explain Hod's predicament to The Dream Maker who is willing to help fix his station, as well as supply a Dream Bubble to create proper dreams for himself. However in their absence, the Urpneys capture Hod and hijack his ship, leaving the Noops to use the bubble to capture them and send them back to Viltheed.

Episode FilmographyEdit

  • Season Four - "Hod".