'Mech Beav, or "Mechanical Beaver" is an invention of Urpgor and among many robot devices utilized to prevent good dreams in The Sleeping World.


Mech Beav is a small beaver-like device. Despite being clockwork powered, it's motor is surprisingly powerful and fast running. It is built with a large chainsaw inside it's jaw to saw down trees, specifically Dream Bottle trees of the Wutt Forest.

It appears to one of few of Urpgor's devices that displays sentience, one that is far more loyal and affectionate to Sgt. Blob than his creator. Frizz and Nug are left unimpressed by the gizmo, especially since Blob treats it with far more respect than them, but are left quite amused when it leads Urpgor into a river after yelling at Blob.

It's one mission was to saw down trees in the forest to dam their river (and thus deprive the rest of the forest of water can cause it to die), while the Urpneys stole the stone. The mission was discovered by the heroes who attempted to break down the dams as they were built. Despite a relentless effort from Mech Beav, he and Blob were forced to retreat when they ran out of riverside trees, while The Dream Maker had kept the stone out of the Urpneys' reach.

Episode FilmographyEdit

Season Two- "Bottle Harvest"