The Miniaturizing Funnel in action.

The Miniaturizing Funnel was an invention of Urpgor's used to shrink Urpneys to small enough size to travel into the beams emitted by The Dreamstone.


The miniaturizing funnel is a large funnel shaped device, from which Urpneys jump into the large chute and come out the bottom shrunken for a duration of approximately two hours.

Urpgor installed the device into an aircraft that pumped steam to disguise itself as a cloud, allowing the Urpneys to hover nearby the Dream Maker's cottage, and when tipping upside down, drops the shrunken Urpneys into the beams, from which they could travel into the dreams themselves and sabotage them. The first night was a success, however the heroes became suspicious of the complaints of ruined dreams, and the following night the vehicle was discovered by Albert, with the Urpneys crashing and destroying it in a frenzied retreat, but not before shrinking Frizz and Nug, leading to a rare soured victory for the Noops.

Episode FilmographyEdit

Season Three - The Dream Beam Invasion