Urpgor in a "passionate" moment with his Molemobile.

The Molemobile is a tredmill powered machine that tunnels underground. Urpgor, as with many creations, values it tremendously. It is a recurring vehicle of the Urpneys seen in various episodes.

It first appears in 'Blob's Incredible Plan', in which Blob and his men stole it from Urpgor's lab in an attempt to steal The Dreamstone. After several wrong turns and an eventual miserable failure, they await punishment from Zordrak, who an indignant Urpgor has reported them to.

As with most vehicles used in the First Season, the Molemobile was mass produced in the war against the Land Of Dreams in "Megattack".

After being thrown out of Viltheed by Zordrak in 'The Nightmare Stone', the vehicle is among those Urpgor takes apart in frustration. In Robobird, Frizz and Nug used a Molemobile to tunnel to the Land Of Dreams with the Robobird.

A small scale Remote Controlled version was seen in Zarag Rules, in which Urpgor uses to upgrade Zarag's home, only to go out of control and malfunction into pieces, leading to Urpgor being given the boot by an angry Zarag. A full scale version is seen in The Stowaways

The High-Powered Molemobile, A car variation with teeth is utilized in Wottles, which Blob and his men attempt to use to destroy the roots of the Dreambottle trees.