Mr. Blossom
Title Gardener
First Appearance The Invisible Blob
Gender Male
Race Wutt
Powers None.
Location Land Of Dreams
Relations Mrs Blossom (distant relation)

Mr Blossom is an elderly Wutt and gardener to The Dream Maker. He serves as a recurring protagonist in the series.

Mr Blossom is voiced by Anthony Jackson.

Background and RoleEdit

Mr Blossom is gardener of the Dream Maker's cottage, and puts great pride and labor into his job, nothing else, not even invading Urpneys, get in the way of it. Unfortunately he and his lawn often end up collateral damage in the two side's feud, which usually only worsens his grumpy nature.


Mr Blossom is a cynical curmudgeon within the cheery residents of the Land Of Dreams, having no interest in social activities and chit chat.

His goals rarely expand past tending to his garden, to the point even the war for The Dreamstone's safety rarely fazes him, usually making him an indifferent neutral force. There are odd times he will help the others however, he joined the Wuts in stopping the Urpney invasion in "Megattack" and kept look out in "The Dream Beam Invasion",.


Mr Blossom is a stout elderly Wut.

His attire consists of blue overalls and spectacles (which he is almost blind without).

Episode FilmographyEdit