The Planet Dreamstone is a crystal planet of which is the source of power for all the Dreamstones in the universe. The planet is where the Dreammakers and the Dreamstones came from, and where to go when in need to recharge. The Planet Dreamstone speaks in a feminine voice, and is the head of the Council of Dreammakers, with The Dream Maker the Lord Highest. In a flashback in The Daydream Bubble, it was revealed that Zordrak was a Dreammaker himself, before corrupting dreams and turning them into nightmares, in which lead to his banishment to The Red Planet of Doom. In Megattack, she confronts Zordrak and blasts him into space. Though powerful she is, she is venerable to meteorite strikes, in which she would need repairs from a very special sand, as shown in Urpjaws.

Planet Dreamstone is voiced by Meryl Streep

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  • Her relation to Zordrak is almost similar to Raava and Vaatu's in Legend of Korra.