The Sea Monsters lurk within the Sea of Destruction. Mostly off the coast of the Isle of Catastrophe. They take the form of a large reptilian Cyclops.

In The Statue Collection, the crashed Urpneys were attacked by a blue monster, wanting to make an odd snack out of them. When Frizz and Nug came to Blob's aid by firing a ball of metal from a catapult at it, it mistakes the attack of being from Rufus and Amberley. But Albert managed to detract it, even by diving through the water. He then lured it onto the catapult, in which he launched it into Viltheed, in which from there, landed on Zordrak's lap. For being unusual, Zordrak decided to keep it, and by turning it into stone, had it put in the collection.

In Urpgor's Great Adventure, whilst resting on the Isle of Catastrophe after a big lunch. Was rudely woken by an orange monster, in which caused Urpgor to hurrily get into the car and drive away. Unlike the blue monster, the orange one's eye was fixed in, rather than in a stem in the forehead.


  • These monsters are loosly based on Godzilla.