Sgt. Blob
Title Urpney Military Leader
First Appearance The Dreamstone
Gender Male
Race Urpney
Powers None.
Location Viltheed
Relations None known
Sgt Blob is head in command of the Urpney army and loyal mook to Zordrak. He serves as a major antagonist of the series.

Sgt Blob heads every Urpney mission (usually with his two lackeys Frizz and Nug) charged by Zordrak to spread nightmares in the Land of Dreams, usually by stealing The Dreamstone.

Sgt Blob is voiced by Richard Tate.

Background and Role

Sgt Blob was promoted up to head in command after Zordrak executed the previous leader, Captain Crigg after one too many failures. While Blob's first attempt to take the Dreamstone was a success, it was eventually negated, with most attempts after ending in humiliating failure. Zordrak nevertheless decided to keep Blob around, since executing serviceable Urpneys had become tiresome to him.

Blob is usually under the ire of Urpgor, due to his constant misuse of his inventions for missions and their bitter rivalry for Zordrak's affections.

in the End of The Dreamstone Movie, Sgt. Blob turns Good


Pompous, gung ho and not very bright, Blob has the usual credentials of an obnoxious drill sergeant. While clearly intimidated by his master, he is one of few Urpneys that is genuinely loyal and often shows optimistic willingness to his plans. He thrives on what rare glory he receives from his lordship, and often spearheads missions, much to the ire of his cadets. At least one point, Blob even conducted his own (albeit disastrous) mission to steal the stone in hopes of impressing Zordrak. He is, however, smart enough to know to maintain his position, at one point even helping Urpgor sabotage one of Zordrak's independent schemes to avoid being made redundant.

Blob is usually abusive and domineering to his soldiers, particularly Frizz and Nug, and has nothing against using trickery to force them into his missions. He does however occasionally display camaraderie and genuine concern for them, as far as he is concerned, they are all comrades in their great war against the Land of Dreams (they're not quite as sure).

Blob's speech is riddled with malapropism, especially when trying to make himself sound intellectual.


Sgt Blob is bloated Urpney with red hair (albeit revealed to be balding when his helmet is taken off), with black eyebrows. He has one oversized tooth constantly sticking out above is upper lip. He wears the standard Urpney uniform (albeit somewhat undersized for his plump build), however he also wears a horned helmet as display of authority.

Episode Filmography

Sgt Blob appears in every episode of the series.