The Silent Attack Vehicle was a multi purpose electric-powered tank designed by Urpgor to steal the Dreamstone.


The vehicle is a small pyramid-like electric-powered tank. It has multiple modes, including the ability to retract it's wheels in favor of crawling steel legs and a jet for aquatic travel. It's upper case also has numerous weaponry fitted to deal with opposing Noops (including a net, a boxing glove, a metal claw and a tennis racket to name but few). It's name derives from it's silent engine, which allows it to take foes by surprise.

The endless mechanisms make the vehicle very flexible, but a tad cumbersome to maneuver, as soon proved during it's test run by Sgt. Blob. After Urpgor complained about Blob's incompetence handling the machinery, Zordrak (unusually coy and patient) goaded Urpgor into taking the assignment himself. The vehicle ran well, with Urpgor neutralizing and capturing Albert and handily taking the stone from the unguarded tower, however, his return trip was accidentally interrupted when the Noops bumped into the vehicle. Urpgor attempted to dispose of them with it's weaponry, but Albert broke free and drove Urpgor out of the vehicle into retreat. He later returned after the Noops left with the stone (quite offended they didn't steal it) however as he attempted to fix the vehicle, Blob and his men (searching for him after finding the stone themselves) mistook the noise for Noops, ambushing him and driving the machine to malfunction onto them.

Episode FilmographyEdit

Season Three - Urpgor's Great Adventure