Title None
First Appearance Spildit
Gender Female
Race Wutt
Powers None (shows occasional skills with leaf flying).
Location Land Of Dreams
Relations Wildit (aunt)
Spildit is a Wutt and the niece of Wildit. She serves as a recurring protagonist in the series.

Wildit is voiced by Ellie Beaven.

Background and RoleEdit

Spildit seems to have originated from the Land Of Dreams and is commonly seen with her aunt Wildit. She often proves an underestimated aid to the heroes, though sometimes has trouble recognizing which side is which.


Spildit is a very rambunctious and curious child. She leaves most of her older peers in knots trying to control her. Though sometimes problematic however, she can be surprisingly clever and skillful when the time calls for it.

Due to her naivete, Spildit's rivalry towards the Urpneys is far more playful than the other heroes, seeing their schemes as just a big game. She exists as a rare source of empathy for Blob and his men, sharing a picnic with them in "Spildit" and helping them back to Viltheed in "The Return", where she makes chit chat and "helps" with the reconstruction of their lair. She is quite willing to fight back when she realizes they're up to no good however, especially when Blob exploits her kindness to assist in their plans.


Spildit is turquoise colored Wut with a dark green clover shaped mark on her chest. She has a striped tail with a puff of fur on the tip. Dark green hair forms a mane and collar. Her attire consists of pink bow and puffy balls on each foot.

For Season Three onwards, she is given a slight redesign, having a smaller snout and green irises. She reverts back to her original design in certain shots of Season Four however.

Her concept art (shown above) gives her the same color scheme as Pildit, suggesting a change some point in development.

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