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The Dreamstone

The Dream Thief (also Mike Jupp's development name for The Dreamstone series) is the Pilot for the series released in 1985 to pitch the show.

The pilot was animated by the studio Mill Valley Animation in Novato in the US state of California while Mike was working in America.


The film begins with a pan of the Land of Nightmares followed by narration (much in the style of the first episode of the finalized series). We are introduced to Zordrak who throws a random bolt of lightning as he continues to plot.

The film then focuses on the Land of Dreams, where a young Noop called Rufus has finally got tired of life in the woods and decided to venture into the village to ask for work from The Dream Maker. He is shown The Dreamstone locked safely in a small chest.

Zordrak however is established to constantly in search of the stone and sends a creature to sneak into the Land of Dreams and steal it. Afterwards, Rufus is tasked with getting it back. He follows his path along many surreal worlds, where he meets up with helpful characters such as the Wutts and Amberley (who introduces him to the Daydream Bubbles).

After a short focus on the Argorribles flowing around Viltheed, a hap hazardous chase begins between the Noops and the Urpneys, before Rufus and Amberley fall of a breaking bridge and into a light oblivion, ending on a cliffhanger.

Development DifferencesEdit


Rufus and Amberley in their pilot designs.

Several changes were made between the Pilot and development of the final show itself.
  • Several characters' designs are different, the design for the Noops in particular is more plump and beaver like, with large lizard like tails. A large hulking fish can be seen inside the Dream Maker's cottage that may act as prototype Albert as well.
  • All voice overs are different (Rufus was in fact voiced by a young Christian Bale).
  • Zordrak's original name was actually 'Nasta Shelfim', which is actually jumbled from 'Satan Himself'. Though because it may offend many religious people, Mike Jupp decided to change it to Zordrak in the final product.
  • The Urpneys are not individualized characters yet, though one large commanding Urpney seems to act as a prototype for Sgt. Blob.
  • Amberley is not Rufus' best friend, instead being a stranger that he meets during his travels.
  • The Urpneys are not tasked with stealing the stone, instead the job seems to be given to a large stone Dragon.
  • The Daydream Bubbles are plotted differently to the show. Here they are free flowing bubbles in the wilderness that allow people to roam into other people's dreams.


  • The music and animation style mirrors that of the 'Rite of Spring' from Disney's Fantasia (1940)