The Dreamstone


BMG Home Video

Release Date

20th February 1995

The Dreamstone is a UK VHS release featuring four second season episodes.


Every night the Dreammaker sends out pleasant dreams to the sleeping world through the magical Dreamstone. In the plot to take over The Land of Dreams Zordrak, The Lord of Nightmares, and his incompetent army of Urpneys try to steal the Dreamstone. Many exciting adventures follow as Rufus, Amberley and the other Noops outsmart Zordrak and his troops to save the The Land of Dreams.


Enter Zarag, Zordrak's vain and unattractive sister. She too has designs upon the Dreamstone but she wants it for quite a different purpose.


A mechanical bird programmed to steal the Dreamstone doesn't behave quite as expected and has a very strange effect on Frizz and Nug.

The Nightmare StoneEdit

Back to Viltheed from the depths of space comes Zordrak bringing the Nightmare Stone - a powerful force of evil and more than a match for the Dreamstone.

Sport's DayEdit

Blob, Frizz and Nug are painted gren by Urpgor, disguised as Wuts and sent to compete in the Noop Sports Day. They are unprepared, however to compete against Spildit.



  • This is the only VHS release distributed by BMG Home Video.
  • This is the only UK VHS release to feature episodes after Season One.