The Dreamstone OST

Written by

Mike Batt

Performed by

Mike Batt and the London Philharmonic Orchestra



The Dreamstone Official Soundtrack is an OST album performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, released in 1990 on cassette tape, CD and Record.

The soundtrack was re-released as part of the Mike Batt Music Cube released in December 2009 by Dramatico Records. However instead of the TV soundtrack, the CD features 5 newly recorded orchestral overtures, as well as Better Than A Dream, The War Song Of The Urpneys and Into The Sunset and a shorter version of The Dreamdance which also omits the vocal clips from the show. The Vile Brothers Mountain Band was also omitted from the soundtrack. The Oveture Collection was briefly available as an MP3 download as part of Mike Batt's archive collection on Amazon.

There were also two singles released 'War Song of the Urpneys' and 'Better Than a Dream' on Vinyl and CD.

Cassette Tape Album ImagesEdit

  • Cassette tape insert (outside).
  • Cassette tape insert, track listing and lyrics.
  • Cassette tape insert, credits.
  • Cassette tape insert, song lyrics and descriptions.
  • Cassette tape: Side 1
  • Cassette tape: Side 2

CD Album ImagesEdit

  • CD Booklet: Front
  • CD Booklet: War Song of the Urpney's Lyrics
  • CD Booklet: Into the Sunset and The Vile Brothers Mountain Band lyrics.
  • CD Booklet: The Film Music (Part 1)
  • CD Booklet: The Film Music (Part 2) and Character Names
  • CD Booklet: Back
  • Album CD
  • CD Back Insert

Vinyl Album Record ImagesEdit

  • Vinyl Front Cover
  • Vinyl Back Cover
  • Vinyl Insert Front
  • Vinyl Insert Back
  • Vinyl Record Side 1 (The Songs)
  • Vinyl Record Side 2 (The Songs)

Official Soundtrack Tracklisting (Album 1990 Release)Edit

1: Better Than A Dream

2: The War Song Of The Urpneys

3: Dreamdance (Remix)

4: Into The Sunset

5: The Vile Brother's Mountain Band

6: The Dreamstone (Main Title)

7: Wack's Wicks Works

8: The Dream Maker

9: Whirlyped Launch

10: The Dreamstone Is Stolen

11: The Argorribles And The Egg Of Death

12: Rufus Succeeds

Instrumental Album Tracklisting (2009 Release)Edit

1: Overture No. 1 (The heroes successfully returning to the Land of Dreams in Into Viltheed and The Voice Of Zordrak/ Zordrak blasted into space in Megattack)

2: Overture No.  2 (Used in scenes for The Statue CollectionAlbert's Ailment and Wildit's Whistle)

3: Overture No.  3 (Origin of Albert in Too Hot To Handle/Desert scene in The Daydream Bubble and the introduction of Urpgor's Island in the episode of the same name)

4: Overture No.  4 (Music used in Season 1 & 2)

5: Overture No.  5 (Music used in Season 3 & 4)

6: Overture No.  6 (instrumental version of Into The Sunset)