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The Dreamstone is a UK VHS release featuring three first season episodes.


Somewhere in the Universe is a planet only visible to those who believe in it. On the sunny side lives the Old Dreammaker, guardian of the most previous and powerful object in the land- the Dreamstone. Every night he uses it to send out dreams to the sleeping world, assisted by Albert his watchdog fish and two Noops, Rufus and Amberley.

On the dark side of the planet dwells the huge and terrible Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares, hatching his evil plots to steal the Dreamstone so that nightmares may rule. Zordrak is protected by his army of Urpneys- led by Sergeant Blob - whose every thought is directed towards pleasing their master. Luckily they are not very bright!



  • This is the first home video release of The Dreamstone in any form.
  • The first two episodes (listed as "Special" on the video sleeve) are shown in their original combined form with deleted footage retained, this being the only release to do so thus far.
  • Between Zordrak unleashing his Argoribbles and Rufus heading through the Wutt Forest, the End of Part 1 and Part 2 TV titlecards was visibly seen.