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The Dreamstone Video Fun Pack

The Dreamstone Volume Four is a UK VHS release featuring two first season episodes.


Statue CollectionEdit

Zordrak instructs Blob, Frizz and Nug to capture Pildit the Wut so that he can turn him into a statue and add him to his collection. The Urpneys initially succeed in doing this but are thwarted by the timely arrival of Rufus, Amberley and Albert and the intervention of a one eyed monster in the sea of destruction.

Argorrible AttackEdit

Urpgor invents a new method of carrying the Argorribles to the land of dreams. Pildit sees them arrive, but too late to stop everyone having nightmares. Incensed, Rufus decides to take action.



  • This is the final VHS release distributed by The Video Collection.
  • Aside from The Dreamstone Video Fun Pack, this is the only Video Collection release not to feature three episodes. As such, Megattack is the only first season episode not distributed by them.


  • The Statue Collection is referred to as simply "Statue Collection" on the box cover.