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The Dreamstone Volume Three is a UK VHS release featuring three first season episodes.


The Shrinking StoneEdit

Urpgor miniaturises Blob, Frizz and Nug so that they can travel to the Land of Dreams in the Terraphibian. The Urpneys then very nearly succeed in stealing the Dreamstone - but not quite.

Albert Is FishnappedEdit

The Urpneys, disguised as the Vile Brothers Mountain Band, attend the celebrations in the Land of Dreams on the occasion of the Eclipse. They capture Albert and hold him to ransom for the Dreamstone. They had not, however, forseen the intervention of Wildit - Pildit's Grandmother.

Too Hot To HandleEdit

Zordrak, with the assistance of Urpgor, devises some exploding candles which he plans to sneak into the Dreammaker's house so that in the confusion of their "explosion", the Arogrribles can invade. Rufus, with Wildit, saves the day.



  • The word "miniaturizes" is misspelled "miniaturises" on the back cover.