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The Dreamstone Volume Two is a UK VHS release featuring three first season episodes.


Invisible BlobEdit

Urpgor tries to devise a method of making Blob, Frizz and Nug invisible so that they can go unseen into the Land of Dreams and steal the Dreamstone. Unfortunately, the method is not fool-proof after all.

Voice of ZordrakEdit

A medallion, invented by Urpgor, speaks with the voice of Zordrak and is capable of hypnotising all of those that look upon it. Blob, Frizz and Nug manage to capture Rufus and hypnotise him. Disaster threatens when they instruct Rufus to obtain the Dreamstone - Amberley and Pildit must act fast.

Blob's Incredible PlanEdit

Blob contrives to steal the Molemobile so that he can go to the Land of Dreams to steal the Dreamstone to gain Zordrak's approval. Pildit tells Rufus of the imminent arrival of the Urpneys and he substitutes a false stone for the real one. Chaos follows as you would expect.



  • "The Invisible Blob" is referred to as "Invisible Blob" on the box art, while "The Voice Of Zordrak" is referred to as "Voice Of Zordrak". Hypnotize is also misspelled "hypnotise".