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🔴The Dreamstone 💎• Series 1• 24 Hour Live Stream

🔴The Dreamstone 💎• Series 1• 24 Hour Live Stream

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About The Show

The Dreamstone was a British children's cartoon which originally aired on CiTV from 1990 to 1995, the original concept was by artist Mike Jupp. The main premise behind the show was the battle between The Dream Maker and Zordrak, the Lord of Nightmares to control the "the most precious and valuable object in the land...the Dreamstone."

The Dreammaker lived in the Land Of Dreams in a large castle like house that overlooked the Village of the Noops. He was responsible for the good dreams of the Noops and is assisted by his watch-dog-fish Albert, until one day Rufus a Noop prone to daydreaminomes to the Dreammaker asking to be his apprentice. Rufus has done so on the suggestion of his best friend Amberley after he has failed his fourth apprenticeship in as many weeks. This is where the story begins and soon the two Noops are caught up in an adventure that will change their lives forever.

In the Land of Nightmares the realm of Zordrak who lives in the the Mountain of Viltheed where is commands and loyal army of Urpneys he conspires with Urpgor new ways to steal the Dreamstone so that his Argorribles can spread their nightmares to all the world should killed the Population. However Urpgor and the rest of the army are not that devious or bright as is evidenced by the trio we meet in the first episode, Sgt. Blob, Frizz and Nug, and the episodes that follow generally showcase their humorously failed attempts at capturing the Dreamstone.

The Dreamstone Trailer (HD Widescreen Remastered)

The Dreamstone Trailer (HD Widescreen Remastered)

Monster Entertainment's HD Dreamstone Trailer

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