The Jolly Bird is a tall bird that's proud of having very special and ticklish tail feathers, in which can be used to cheer anyone up from his or her's deepest lows.


The Jolly Bird is a large blue bird of human height. Though a wild animal, it has anthropomorphic traits, and is capable of speaking English. The one the cast come into contact with had rather goofy, clumsy mannerisms, and also has a penchant for humming loudly.

Both the Noops and the Urpneys came into contact with a Jolly Bird (the former for one of it's feathers to cheer up Spildit, and the latter for a mineral in it's nest that works as a powerful fossil fuel). The Jolly Bird proved very boisterous, and fiercely protective of it's egg, leading to a tussle with the Urpneys when they hassled her and emptied her nest (though the Noops managed to salvage her egg for her).

The Urpneys were antagonized by a bird with a very similar appearance and mannerisms in the early episode "The Shrinking Stone", which possibly inspired the later character.