The Neemod is a giant golem of stone created by Zordrak. It served as a unruly antagonist in one episode of the series.


The Golem is a gargantuan stone creature. It's entire body is formed by large rounded stones, forming a humanoid shape.

It is powered by crystals and minerals. Created by Zordrak a very long time ago to cause havoc on the Land Of Dreams, only to be backfired by it's uncontrollable nature. According to the Dream Maker, the Neemod went rampant across the Sleeping World, arguably causing more damage to Zordrak's home quarters than his foes'.

Following this, Zordrak had it deactivated and buried for many years, until the Urpneys accidentally dug it up in the crystal quarry. Upon it's awakening the Neemod headed straight for the most powerful source of energy on the planet, The Dreamstone, something the Urpneys tried to exploit. Aware of this, The Dreammaker creates a large Sunshine bubble, which Rufus and Amberley used to lure the Neemod away and back to Viltheed. At the right position, the Noops gave it the sunshine bubble that short circuited it, leading it to collapse into rubble, to the safety of both sides.