The Sleeping World is the planet located in The Clock Universe and is where most of the events take place. With north of it, the Land Of Dreams, and the south, Land Of Nightmares. Divided in the equator by the Mist of Limbo in the air, and the Sea of Destruction and Mountains at ground level. The Isle of Catastrophe is located halfway of the two landmasses of the small planet.


  • According to the original documents, the original name of the world is the Dream Planet.
  • By judging the geography and distance of The Sleeping World, it is believed to assume that the Land Of Dreams is based on southern England, Viltheed Northern France, the Sea of Destruction the English Channel, and the Isle of Catastrophe the Channel Islands. Parodying the long rivalry England and France had for almost a millennium. Though Viltheed may also be based on the Germans from the two World Wars, as the helmet of the Urpneys resemble those worn by Germans in the First World War, and the geography resembling Nazi Occupied France and the Channel Islands in the Second World War; or the whole settings of the show symbolizes a fundamental British phobia of and contempt for the European continent as a whole without any distinction between nationalities.