Urpgor's Auntie
First Appearance Urpgor's Auntie
Gender Female
Race Urpney
Powers None.
Location Tempus Fugit
Relations Urpgor (nephew)
Urpgor's Auntie (or alternatively just "Auntie") is the aunt of Urpgor, and a recurring antagonist in the series.

Description and Role

Urpgor's Auntie resides in the planet Tempus Fugit, mostly keeping to herself (and her much abused minion). Like her nephew she is a scientist with ambitions however and seeks power, at one point seeing The Dreamstone as a means to it.


Urpgor's Auntie is every bit as insane, conniving and sociopathic as his nephew. As Frizz best describes it, she is a psychopath. One of her fondest hobbies is devising elaborate booby traps to torture intruders, otherwise she makes do with abusing her minion.

Auntie has a manipulative steak however, and can put on quite a charming pleasant front to those unacquainted to her. She managed to sweet talk Blob into trusting her with holding The Dreamstone, not knowing she would secretly run off with it.

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