Urpneys are residents to Viltheed and a antagonistic species in the series, soon they become protagonists at Land Of Dreams in the End of Movie.

An army of the species serve as Zordrak's incompetent mooks, led by Sgt. Blob, usually tasked with attacking The Land Of Dreams and helping spread nightmares (usually by stealing The Dreamstone). Some other independent Urpneys are also seen throughout the series.

at their school, they where educated by their scientist Urpgor

Best Known UrpneysEdit


Urpneys are somewhat humanoid creatures, with large speckled noses, frizzy hair and reptilious like tails with thagomizers. Though mostly male, female Urpneys exist, such as Urpgor's Auntie and Little Urpip.

Urpneys are not known for their intellect and are usually dopey, slovenly creatures. Even ones with intelligent capabilities such as those of Urpgor's family are buffoonish. Despite their villainous role, few Urpneys have particularly callous ambitions and are often pragmatic and cowardly individuals, usually obeying Zordrak out of fear (and usually vigorous to quit and relax at any opportunity). In earlier episodes this was due to Zordrak executing mass soldiers due to failure or insubordination. In later episodes however, he grows tired of this method, and instead threatens exile from Viltheed to those of no use to him.

Despite this their presence is usually treated with great contempt and fear by residents of The Land Of Dreams. As such, Urpneys seem rather thick skinned in taking a lot of abuse, from both foes, their abusive master and themselves alike.

Zordrak usually appoints only his elite squad (consisting of Sgt. Blob, Frizz and Nug) for missions, though other Urpneys occasionally take part in schemes, usually when larger masses are required.


The standard Urpney uniform consists of a turquoise suit with metal chest and shoulder armor. A small metal helmet with a single spike is also worn (though commanding Urpneys wear a horned helmet). In the first season all Urpneys are armed with a sword strapped to their belt, though these are absent for most Urpneys afterwards.


  • Several background character Urpneys are given names in later episodes of the series, these however rarely remain consistent.
  • Though sparsely used, Zordrak and Urpgor attempt to send the entire Urpney army to invade the Land of Dreams in at least four episodes; Megattack, Wildit's Whistle, The Dream Beam Invasion and The Jolly Bird.