Title Leader Of The Wut Flying Squadron
First Appearance Albert Is Fishnapped
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Powers Skilled leaf flyer, agile in combat, possesses a whistle to attract animals.
Location Land Of Dreams
Relations Pildit (Grandson), Spildit (niece)

Wildit is a senior Wut and the Leader of the Land of Dreams' Flying Squadron. She serves as a recurring protagonist in the series.

Wildit is voiced by Jackie Clarke.

Background and RoleEdit

Wildit originally lived in a far away location where specially made dream bottles were produced. A lively visit to the Land Of Dreams left her willing to stay there for a while however. Since then she has become a respected member of the team, taking the job of leading the Wuts airborne squad and helping patrol the forest. She also acts as an elderly mentor to the Noops, frequently tutoring them in flying their leaves and assisting with odd jobs whenever she can. She seems to be a frequent guardian for her young niece, Spildit.


Wildit is hearty, fearless and incredibly boisterous. Her senior age seems to have had no effect on her enthusiasm, as she is one of the most active Wuts of the entire army. She comes off as rather eccentric, and not liable to act her age. This seemingly has little effect on her skills however as she proves perfectly formidable and wily in the face of danger.

She takes to taking care of the younger members of the team, particular the Noops and her niece Spildit and, while maybe not always having a watchful enough eye on them, is on very warm and favorable terms with them.


Wildit is a blond colored Wut with lime speckles all over her mussle and chest, and a lime and blond striped tail with a pink clover growing at the tip. Her pink mane is formed into a beehive cut, with a small ponytail and a long collar of hair of the same color. Her attire consists of pink boots, wristbands and triangular earrings.

Episode FilmographyEdit


  • Wildit was one of the first characters not to be designed by Mike Jupp, allegedly created in response to executive requests for more prominent female characters in the series.
  • In the 2018 comic book version of The Dreamstone that Wildit is Pildit's cousin and she's close the same age as Pildit, and they sometimes don't get along. And she have green hair.