Title Beauty of the Land
First Appearance Zarag
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Powers Turn herself into a mist.
Location The Dark Wood
Relations Zordrak (Brother)

Zarag is Zordrak's sister and a recurring villainess in the series.

Zarag is voiced by Jackie Clarke.

Background and RoleEdit

Zarag was shut up in a bottle for 500 years for disagreeing in Zordrak, and was released (Accidently) by Nug who was trying to find the Urpney's ball in Zarag. she stole The Dreamstone to wear in her hair, and to be used on grand occasions. Because of this, she was invited to two balls, in which Viltheed is the winner, but thanks to a masqueraded Dreammaker, managed to get The Dreamstone back. Noticing her hair piece missing, Zarag stormed out of Viltheed in a demonic tantrum.

In 'Zarag Rules', Zarag used Obedience Drops to hypnotise three Noops as her servants, she even hired Urpgor to modefy her house, in which is a tree, located in The Dark Wood. She soon fired Urpgor for his out of control mini remote control Molemobile and kicked him out in a rage, admonishing his inventions. A furious Urpgor lashed back at her, labeling her Obedience Drops outdated rubbish, for being venerable to very loud noises, in which the spell would break. Rufus and Amberley overhearing this, did just that. After the Urpneys make an unwelcome crash land on top of her before she can thwart this, she and Urpgor are left exchanging insults once again.

Despite the remaining bad blood between her and Urpgor, he managed to convince her to join forces again in 'The Substitute',' with Urpgor and the Urpneys posing her as a fake Dreammaker, while The Dream Maker is away. She contaminated all the Dreambottles with Argoribbles in order to make some nightmares and made an attempt for the stone, deciding to keep it for herself. She made an escape from a pursuing Blob and hid inside her home, both unaware all she had was an empty container!


Zarag is, as both Zordrak and The Dreammaker state, a dangerously calculating villainess, and also incredibly vain. She apparently has a crush on The Dream Maker, who he himself would rather not discuss.

Zarag shares her brother's atrocious temper, and is prone to violent, child like tantrums whenever frustrated. Only Urpgor can rival her in obnoxious shrillness.

Episode FilmographyEdit